05/13/2013 01:44 pm ET

Maryland Wine Farmers' Market Sales Approved: Here Are Some Wineries To Check Out

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WASHINGTON -- Maryland may do "crab cakes and football" best, but did you know the state also has a booming wine region?

Maryland is home to more than 400 different wines and as of June 1, wine producers will be allowed to sell their products and share samples at all 131 farmers' markets across the state.

A new Off-Site Permit (which replaces the current Winery Special Event Permit) removes previous county-by-county restrictions and limits on the number of markets (or market days) a winery may attend. Importantly, the new process shifts the permitting burden off of the markets and on to the wineries. Market managers and property owners are no longer required to sign the paperwork for wineries to attend.

A small state, Maryland has diverse topography and climate, and "four distinct growing regions": Piedmont Plateau (central Maryland), Eastern Shore, Southern Plain and Western Mountains.

To get you started on your Maryland wine-tasting adventure, the state's tourism website recommends these seven winery trails. Here's a sampling of what you can expect:

Maryland Wineries