05/13/2013 11:56 pm ET

Play Offense, Obama!

Getty File

There’s an old question in politics. If you (a public figure) decide to address potential controversy X head on by taking this or that action, are you effectively playing offense, or are you just drawing needless attention to a story that four out of five Americans don’t even know anything about? Politicians and their handlers always, always, always reach the second conclusion. Then, the controversy grows and mutates, like some creature from a bad 1950s horror movie. President Obama, as is his custom, tried to split the difference on the IRS question at his Monday morning press conference. It wasn’t enough. Of course in this Washington, nothing will ever be enough. We are now entering the phase of gullible mainstream thumb-sucking about Obama’s “credibility.” The folks at the White House had better understand how quickly a campy horror movie can get ugly.

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