05/13/2013 09:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Random Access Memories' Unboxing Video Features Robots Opening Their Own Album

Daft Punk's album doesn't come out for a few more days, but the French duo has offered fans another tidbit of info on the highly guarded project. In the "Random Access Memories" unboxing video posted Monday, the robots find their own record in a space-age control room of sorts.

The video unveils the packaging for the vinyl version of the album. It seems Columbia records opted for a classic, uncomplicated look to the project -- a smart fit given Daft Punk's insistence on returning to the golden age of disco.

On a more modern note, rumors that the entire album would hit iTunes as a pre-release stream persisted on Monday. The duo are scheduled for a BBC Radio 1 interview with host Zane Lowe, during which multiple songs were expected to debut.

They're also on the cover of the upcoming issue of Dazed and Confused. The magazine is hosting a "Daft Punk Day" on its website, headlined by an interview between Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and disco legend and "Random Access Memories"-featured musician Giorgio Moroder. Take a look at the cover below.

"Random Access Memories" is receiving great pre-release reviews and riding a healthy wave of anticipation. Despite all the buzz and a wonky report in the New York Post, however, representatives for Daft Punk tell The Huffington Post that no tour is planned at this time.

daft punk unboxing video

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