05/13/2013 09:15 am ET Updated May 13, 2013

Republicans Risk Losing Arizona By Alienating Latinos

Allan Lira has walked more miles on the streets of Phoenix than he can count, knocked on hundreds of doors, and, with the polish of a seasoned precinct captain, appealed to Latino voters to exercise a right that he may never have.

Lira, 17, is a serious-beyond-his-years high school senior, a fresh face in an effort to rouse the growing Latino population in Arizona and turn it from a place where Republicans hold all statewide offices into an electoral battleground.

Though he turns 18 this summer and has lived in Arizona since the age of 1, Lira can’t register to vote. His mother overstayed her visa and their family’s status is undocumented. He also can’t get a driver’s license because of an executive order issued by Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican.

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