05/13/2013 02:23 pm ET Updated May 14, 2013

Florida Woman, Ashley Yasick, Saves Life Of Stranger Who Accidentally Dialed Her Number (VIDEO)

What would you do if a stranger called you for help?

Ashley Yasick did everything she could for Thomas Buck when he accidentally dialed her number from a thousand miles away last week, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Buck, 84, who lives in Norwood, Pa., was suffering from a bacterial blood infection, when he tried to call his sister-in-law for help. Instead, he reached Yasick, who maintains her Pennsylvania number despite having moved to Florida, WPEC reports.

"It was one of those gut-wrenching phone calls," she told the Sentinel, "and I knew right away I couldn't ignore it."

After receiving Buck's voicemail, she called him back but was unable to get much information. She then used Google to trace his address and send help. She looked up the local police department and called them on their non-911 number.

Buck was finally taken to a nearby hospital where he spent days in the intensive care unit, according to the paper.

WPEC spoke with Buck's daughter, Leslie Notor, who said, "When we were in the ER, the emergency room doctor told us that had Ashley not made that call.. my father's outcome would have been very different ... She saved our father's life."

Last month, Cameron Lyle, another good Samaritan, gave up his college athletic career to donate marrow to an unknown man in need.

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