05/14/2013 02:41 am ET

'2 Broke Girls' Finale: Max May Have Found The New Cupcake Shop, And It's Much Closer To The Diner (VIDEO)

On the season finale of "2 Broke Girls," Max has an idea so brilliant by the end of the episode that any viewer who hadn't thought of the same thing was probably smacking themselves on the head. Maybe it was the electrocution, or the mouth-to-mouth from Caroline.

The two besties were cleaning up a storage room from the diner so secret that even Han didn't know it was there. They were doing it for some extra cash toward their dream of reopening their cupcake shop when Max got shocked. The girls then opened a window onto the street to get some fresh air and that's when inspiration struck.

"Caroline! This is our window of opportunity!" Max said excitedly.

“Max, what a great idea! A cupcake walk-up window? You’re a genius!” Caroline said.

CBS's official Instagram page was excited about the discovery as well, saying the cupcake dream lives! And now the show can have its cupcake shop and all the diner crew, too.

Series star Kat Dennings is confident things will work out. "It's a husband-and-wife relationship — that's how I look at it," she said to TV Guide of the relationship between Max and Caroline. "Still, no matter what they do, they're destined for greatness. That I know.”

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