05/14/2013 01:26 pm ET

Alyson Hannigan's Number One Piece Of Parenting Advice (VIDEO)

Alyson Hannigan stopped by HuffPost Live yesterday to talk about the doozy of a final episode in the eighth season of "How I Met Your Mother" and field questions from fans about her own life as a mom. When asked for the most important piece of advice she would give to young parents, Hannigan gave viewers an answer all of us at HuffPost Parents can get behind.

"Just breathe," the mom of two daughters said. "And if you can make things fun it's much easier. So try to find the fun way to get them to wear a coat."

While she seems to have mastered the key components of "Stress-Less Parenting," Hannigan made it clear that she is putting the little kid stage behind her shortly. "I'm done! I don't feel I would be good if I was outnumbered. My husband and I can each grab one if we need to ... if there's a bus coming," she said.



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