05/14/2013 01:26 pm ET

Here Are The Companies Committed To The Bangladesh Factory Safety Accord

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In the weeks since a tragic building collapse claimed more than 1,100 lives, a pact among global retailers to protect Bangladesh factory workers has garnered newfound support, with more companies signing commitments by the day.

The pact, officially known as the Accord on Fire and Building Safety on Bangladesh, originated last year and focuses on expanding worker rights and bettering fire and building safety standards. Now, facing international pressure to take action, numerous retailers have committed to a modified version, including Swedish retailer H&M, the biggest purchaser of garments from Bangladesh.

The pact entails a five-year commitment and requires participating retailers not only to conduct independent safety inspections of factories, but also pay up to $500,000 per year toward safety improvments. The agreement is also backed by the International Labour Organisation, trade unions and other lobby groups.

Here are the retailers who have so far committed to the pact:



Global Retailers Committed To Bangladesh Factory Safety Accord