05/14/2013 12:38 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Bonnie Tyler Talks 'Eurovision' And Gay Club Memories

Epic '80s songstress Bonnie Taylor has high hopes for her upcoming "Eurovision" turn, even if she's surprised to learn how critical her longstanding gay fanbase could play in her success.

"Well, hopefully I’m in with a chance, then, because 'Holding Out For A Hero' was played in all the gay clubs," Tyler recalled in an interview with Metro UK, after being told of songwriting competition's inherent gay appeal. "I used to play The Saint club in New York. An amazing place. The sights I’ve seen. A bit shocking but fun."

Best known for the smash "Total Eclipse of the Heart," Tyler will represent England in this summer's "Eurovision" competition. Tyler's new song for the reality series, "Believe in Me," may sound a bit like a Susan Boyle B-side, but hits the schmaltzy sweetspot regardless.

We find it hard to believe Bonnie Tyler is surprised to learn that Eurovision (or she, herself) is a "big gay thing," and we're sure if she ever makes it over to this side of the Atlantic she'll still find gays in clubs singing along to her '80s hits.



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