05/14/2013 09:25 pm ET Updated May 15, 2013

Campbell Ewald Falcon Hatches: Baby Bird Born On Detroit Ad Agency's Roof (VIDEO)

These Peregrine falcons were born to be stars.

After weeks of waiting, one eyasses (baby falcon) hatched on the roof of advertising agency Campbell Ewald in Warren, Mich. on Tuesday morning. As of the afternoon, two more eggs have yet to hatch.

The proud stage parents laid their eggs in front of a security camera on the roof of the building. Ever since, CE has been glued to the action, creating a website and live cam feed for the Animal Planet stars-in-training. Apparently, an agency is the place to be if you want to get hype for your falcon reality show, though the matriarch might be having second thoughts -- watch above as she appears to push her newborn back into its shell.

The birds have also hatched some additional morale around the office.

"It's brought a lot of CE people together through falcon conversations," said Senior Account Executive Meghan DePetro. "It's pretty cool that our company cares about wildlife."

An employee built and installed a nest box on the roof in 2006. There have been sporadic falcon sightings since 2004, but this family is the first to roost.

Unfortunately for CE, these babies won't be hired as long-term mascots. The agency announced in March it was moving its headquarters to downtown Detroit, and the falcons will forever consider their Warren perch home.

For more falcons, watch the early morning hatching and first feeding -- or just stay tuned to the live feed.



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