05/14/2013 05:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gameboy At University Graduation Provides Perfect Way To Pass The Time [PHOTO]

No matter how impressive smartphones get, sometimes there's no beating a good ol' fashioned Gameboy. To be more specific, a pink Gameboy Color.

A University of Texas-San Antonio graduate was spotted at the 2 p.m. commencement Monday busting out a Gameboy Color during the ceremony. Naturally, a redditor captured a photo of it.

Redditor jessy0108, who posted the photo, added some additional details on the thread:

As we filed into the arena he said, "I had my Gameboy during my senior year graduation in high school. I made sure to bring it this time." I didn't actually believe him until we sat down and he started playing Pokemon.
I took humor in the way he was very specific in bringing his Gameboy to his university graduation the same way he did when he graduated high school. That and watching him text at the same time was amusing.

And no, the graduate did not share the Gameboy, according to the redditor.

Julián Castro, the mayor of San Antonio and a rising Democratic politician, was the speaker at the graduation.

Gameboy Color was discontinued in 2002. Watch one of the first commercials here, and check out the Reddit photo below:



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