05/14/2013 10:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Homosexual News Blogs Trick Children Into Exploring Homosexuality, Radio Host Says (AUDIO)


Oh, no!

According to anti-gay, conservative Christian radio host Linda Harvey, even looking at blogs that cover "the gay agenda as news" can manipulate children into thinking they actually might be homosexuals.

Harvey, founder of the Christian Mission: America organization, made this suggestion Friday during an episode of her radio program. (She has previously warned parents about letting children see openly gay doctors.)

The segment, titled "The Connection between Homosexuality and Pornography," argued that gay-friendly news sites and blogs were dangerous to impressionable -- and hormonal -- young minds because they can act as a gateway of sorts for explicit gay porn.

Parents "often share with me that pornography played a part, particularly with boys, in convincing them to believe they are gay," Harvey said. "It seems to me that in the present climate where schools, Hollywood and even the top leaders in our country are all busy selling homosexuality to kids that we have to watch those other deceptive influences that can chime in on top of all this to stir feelings in a young person that were not in play before."

Gay-friendly websites are more likely to allow problematic images, as "many of the homosexual news blogs have soft-porn gay dating sites or worse as ads," she adds.

Seeing these images can lead to one very long slippery slope, Harvey said:

If they feel a curiosity it may start a process of wondering if they could be homosexual. This is not true of course but the really tragic thing is they are not likely to share this question with you the parent, it just seems too personal. If they follow up and visit these sites some will experience sexual feelings and mistake these for the pervasive fiction of some inborn gay identity.

In an email to The Huffington Post, Harvey said that she doesn't "microscopically examine Huff Po so I would not be familiar with all your ad content," but that it's possible a site like Huffington Post Gay Voices could be bad for children.

"If the shoe fits," she said. "[Gay dating sites or other soft core porn] are not good for kids. News sites should exclude them. My opinion-- take it or leave it."

Harvey, who was named Truth Wins Out's "Most Homophobic Woman in America" in 2011, most recently launched a campaign criticizing the Gay, Lesbian And Straight Education Network's (GLSEN) annual "Day of Silence," which supports bullied lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth.

"For those of us who truly have a Christian worldview, we do not accept the terms, definitions and claims of the advocates of homosexuality, like the claim that standing up against homosexuality and calling it a sin is hateful and is similar to bully," Harvey previously said, according to Right Wing Watch. "No, it’s not."


Listen to Linda Harvey speak about gay doctors in this video segment below:



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