05/14/2013 05:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

LA Speeding Tickets Most Likely To Be Issued In These Spots (MAP, VIDEO)

Los Angeles road warriors have a new weapon in their arsenal: a map of the top 20 intersections where the LAPD issued speeding tickets in 2012.

CBS2's David Goldstein obtained data from the LAPD on the speeding tickets -- 43,426 in all -- and HuffPost LA plotted the worst spots on a Google map.

Take a look:

By far the worst intersection for speeding tickets is La Brea Avenue and Coliseum Street, which CBS2 points out is at the bottom of a hill, where people are most likely to pick up speed. LAPD officers issued 1,605 speeding tickets near the area in 2012. In second place is Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Canton Drive at 1,241 tickets. Woodman Avenue and Collins Street, at 1,055 tickets, takes third.

LAPD Capt. Brian Johnson defended taking advantage of the laws of physics to issue speeding tickets to drivers. In an interview with CBS2, he said officers were educating the public with the citations. CBS2 also notes that fatalities from speed-related car collisions have more than doubled since 2011. Watch the video below to see Johnson's comments, or click onto CBS2's investigative story to see the day and time that speeding tickets are most likely to be issued.


Now that you know where LA's speed traps are, will you change the way you drive?



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