05/14/2013 03:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince Harry's New York Trip Involves Double-Decker Bus, Lots Of Presents (PHOTOS)

Today, Prince Harry finally graced us New Yorkers with his charming, red-headed presence. After a brief stop in Washington D.C. and a jaunt out west to Colorado, the royal made his way to New Jersey to visit victims of Hurricane Sandy...

prince harry new york

prince harry new york

prince harry new york

... with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie...

prince harry new york

... who gave him a special "royal fleece" just like his.

Prince Harry then made his way to New York City to hang with British Prime Minister David Cameron...

prince harry new york

... and the pair were given semi-creepy dolls that looked just like them.

prince harry nyc

Then they got to ride a red double-decker bus in the streets of Manhattan.

prince harry new york

prince harry new york

Which sort of defeats the point of visiting New York, right? Why didn't he ride in a yellow taxi or a subway when there are plenty of red buses back in London? (Because he's a royal and he can do whatever he damn well pleases, that's why.)

Then he went to Harlem to play baseball with some kids...

... where he received another new garment: a customized baseball jersey.

prince harry new york trip

Oh, and apparently he's dining at the Four Seasons tomorrow night. It's good to be the prince.

Check out more photos from Harry's East Coast stay:

Prince Harry Goes To NYC and New Jersey

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