05/15/2013 06:37 pm ET

A.J. Francis, Future Miami Dolphin, Writes Amazing Farewell Column For UMD Newspaper

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Seems like we all could take a few tips from University of Maryland football star and future Miami Dolphin A.J. Francis.

A four-year defensive line starter for the Maryland Terrapins, Francis penned an inspirational farewell column in the University’s student newspaper last weekend. Rather than taking the opportunity to boast, he wrote that being a future NFL player makes him no more special than anyone else.

"I get more publicity than I ever should have because I am an athlete people perceive as 'different' because I live my life the way I want to," he writes. "That’s not a quality that should be admired because it’s a quality we should all have."

Francis goes on to advise readers to live life to the fullest and give love to family and friends every day.

He concludes, "If so many great things can happen to a scumbag like me, imagine how great your life can be if you are just a genuinely great person. Good things happen to good people."

Francis has had quite the past few weeks. He proposed to his girlfriend on the same day in late April that he was signed to the Miami Dolphins. Of the proposal, he tweeted the following:

His fiancée seems like one lucky lady.

(Hat tip, The Washington Post)



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