05/15/2013 03:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

11 Celebrities Who Made Less Money Starting Out Than You Make Now (PHOTOS)

Some celebrities may be ridiculously rich nowadays, but they weren't always that well-off. Before they won the fame-and-fortune jackpot, many of them made even less money at their entry level jobs than you make at your normal-person job. Observe:

Jennifer Aniston:

jennifer aniston

The future Mrs. Theroux was a telemarketer in her heyday, a career that pays an average of $30,000 a year. She also worked for some time as a bike messenger. Couriers make about $27,000 a year.

Brad Pitt:

brad pitt

Pitt dabbled in many odd jobs before becoming the superstar he is today; one of them was limo driver. Chauffeurs make, on average, $30,000 a year.

Victoria Beckham:

victoria beckham

Before Posh was, well, posh, she was an extra in small television productions in England. Extras make roughly $31,000 a year.

Kanye West:

kanye west

The rap mogul started out folding shirts at Gap. Retail salespeople make about $21,000 a year.

Sandra Bullock:

sandra bullock

America's sweetheart was once a bartender. Those make an estimated $17,500 a year.

Harrison Ford:

harrison ford

Before becoming a box office smash, Ford was a carpenter -- the likes of which make about $38,000 a year.

Lady Gaga:

singer lady gaga

Before she became a worldwide phenomenon, Gaga was a waitress. Food servers usually make about $23,000 a year.

Jon Bon Jovi:

jon bon jovi

At some point or another, the rocker helped his cousin out as a janitor. Those make about $25,000 a year.

Tom Cruise:

tom cruise

Mr. "Mission Impossible" was once a happy helper working as a hotel bellhop. Bellboys usually make an average of $23,000 a year.

Jim Carrey:

jim carrey

As a young man, the comedian worked as a security guard. Guards make about $27,000 a year.

Quentin Tarantino:

quentin tarantino

The acclaimed director started out as a theater usher, a job which pays roughly $18,000 a year.

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