05/15/2013 04:53 pm ET

Daniel LaPlante, Massachusetts Inmate, Wants Dragon Blood, Cake For Wiccan Rituals

Daniel LaPlante is suing the Massachusetts Department of Correction because he claims he was denied colored pens, carrot cake, and "dragon blood."

The convicted murderer, serving a life sentence for killing a woman and her two children in 1987, says he needed these items, among others, to practice his Wiccan beliefs, reports.

According to court documents obtained by Boston Magazine, LaPlante maintains that the cake would "excite the senses," and that he specifically needed carrot cake -- which he claims Wiccans call "Wolf Ice" -- in January and chocolate cake in February.

"Dragon blood," he says, is the name of a ritual oil.

LaPlante says in the lawsuit that part of the Wicca faith is to "work magic, perform rituals, and cast spells,'' the Lowell Sun reported. He adds that the religion revolves around the mantra, "Do what you will, but harm none."

A Pagan from the Boston area told Boston Magazine that LaPlante did not need the items listed to practice the faith.

According to MyFoxBoston, he is currently acting as his own attorney.



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