05/15/2013 06:06 am ET

'Don't Be Tardy...': Kim Devastated When Her Father Reveals A Sort-Of Family Secret (VIDEO)

It was an episode of "Don't Be Tardy..." that Kim Zolciak had been dreading since it was filmed in November. Her father bad-mouthed her to the press, calling her a "bad mother" and a "pathological liar." All of that was bad enough, but it was when he revealed a family semi-secret that she really lost it.

Her father revealed that Kim's daughters have two different fathers. Her eldest daughter, Brielle, knew the secret, but nevertheless felt just as betrayed as Kim that he would do that.

“Why is he saying this?” she asked. "They’re family. They’re not supposed to do that.”

“The one thing that you wanted me to protect as your mom has been taken from me," Kim said in tears.

Her father's allegations came after Kim's mother sued her for grandparent visitation rights. She alleged that Kim cut off communication with her parents after her mother made a scene at her 2011 wedding. But Kim maintains that she's never kept her parents from seeing their grandkids. She says the lawsuit is more about fame and money.

The real-life drama continues every Tuesday on "Don't Be Tardy..." at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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