05/15/2013 02:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Homer Simpson' Root Unearthed In China Doesn't Look All That Much Like Famous Animated Dad (D'oh!)

Imaginechina / FOX

This fleece flower root that was reportedly dug up by a pair of farmers in China bears somewhat of a resemblance to Homer Simpson of the classic, long-running animated series, "The Simpsons."

Some might say the resemblance is striking, but it mostly only holds up when compared to some of the other stuff people think looks like Homer. D'oh!

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homer simpson root

For example, this glob of glue that drew bids worth tens of thousands of dollars on eBay UK in 2012 looks only marginally like Homer Simpson.

This stargazer fish comes a bit closer, but it's still a pretty far cry from the Homer we know and love (unless we're talking relative brain power).

This weird stone head found in Scotland in 2011 looks a little like Homer Simpson, but only if you eat Guatemalan insanity peppers first.

After a brief and not-at-all-exhaustive Internet search, the "thing" that looks most like Homer Simpson appears to be this nude photo of a Rubenesque woman (NSFW, obviously).

The fleece flower root, which has been likened to Homer Simpson before, is known for growing knobs that some think give it a human appearance. In Chinese medicine, they're used to treat sexual dysfunction, infertility and male pattern baldness, according to Yahoo.



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