05/15/2013 04:14 pm ET

Joe Paterno Conspiracy Theory: Bob Ley Gets Letter Asking Late Penn State Coach Faked His Death

Getty Images

By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

As the host of Outside the Lines, Bob Ley is the face of ESPN's strongest journalistic and investigative efforts. He's also the face of goofy screengrabs, but that only adds to his appeal. Yesterday morning on his highly entertaining Twitter feed, Ley shared a note from a viewer wondering if Joe Paterno was in fact faking his own death in a grand Happy Valley conspiracy.

Of course that letter had to be written in all caps. Any time you write, "hope this doesn't sound too much like the grassy knoll theory" and throw in a "but" you're definitely already in the grassy knoll territory. Perhaps you can forgive this viewer for thinking there was a possibility a sick 85 year old man could have elaborately staged his own demise given the confusion around the false reports of Paterno's death. I love me a good conspiracy theory, but yea, this seems like a stretch.

However, I wouldn't mind "Bob Ley's Crazy Conspiracy Theory of the Day" becoming a daily OTL staple, though. Think of the mailbag possibilities for that one.