05/15/2013 08:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joe Scarborough Blows Up At David Axelrod Over AP (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough went off on former Obama adviser David Axelrod on Wednesday's "Morning Joe."

The two were discussing the AP phone records scandal, which Scarborough had earlier called "sinister" and chilling. When he asked Axelrod about the scandal, Axelrod pointed out that Scarborough had previously called on the president to investigate leaks.

"Last summer I appeared with you and you challenged me in the same tone on these leaks and said, when is the president going to send a strong signal to people with classified information won't be tolerated, when is he going to make people accountable for the leaks?" Axelrod said.

"I congratulate you guys for going off into a room and calling each other and coming up with this bogus argument," Scarborough said, adding that he had obviously not meant to call for such a broad sweep of personal phone records.

"Don't shift this to me! Answer my question! Will sources, confidential sources inside the federal government, be intimidated because of what this administration ... has been doing from the very beginning?"

Watch the full conversation here:

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