05/15/2013 03:42 pm ET

Prince Harry, Ladies' Man, Drives Girls Wild On US Tour (PHOTOS)

For one week, American women forgot about their lifelong obsession with Ryan Gosling and focused their eyes (and cell phone cameras) on a new boy in town: Prince Harry. For his US tour, the royal hopped the pond on May 9 and enjoyed much of what this great country has to offer.

He started things off right by causing crazy pandemonium at Capitol Hill on his first day here -- prompting girls to whip out their iPhones and snap pictures as if their lives depended on it. Then, he hung out with Michelle Obama, confirming our suspicion that he is the sweetest guy ever by helping military kids create Mother's Day cards.

It didn't stop there. The ladies' man made Missy Franklin the envy of every teenage girl in America when he sang "Happy Birthday" to the Olympic gold medalist. And then, some very lucky US Air Force Cadets cheerleaders got to create a human pyramid with the Prince. Come on, how much better does it get?

Sadly, the beautiful one will be departing us today, leaving us American girls with a huge gaping hole in our hearts. In honor of the trip, we compiled a collection of photos to prove just how much Prince Harry can make ladies swoon. One thing's for sure: When a royal comes to town, we know how to give him a pretty warm welcome.

Click through to see all the fawning, primping and gushing over Prince Harry!

Women Gawking At Prince Harry

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