05/15/2013 08:03 am ET Updated May 15, 2013

'Storage Wars': Ivy Finds A Giant Clam Shell More Than Twice The Size Of His Foot (VIDEO)

Ivy found something that he'd never seen before in a unit he picked up on "Storage Wars." While everyone has had experiences with seashells of varying sizes, the seashell Ivy found was massive.

“I’ve found just about everything known to man in a unit, and yet I’ve never seen one this big -- even on TV!" he exlaimed. "I’m a size 16, and you see this is about two feet and a half bigger than my feet.”

He estimated the shell at between 100 and 150 pounds, but had no idea what kind of value it might have. An expert at a local museum took a look at it and told Ivy it was a giant or "killer" clam. The creatures are native to the tropical Southwest Pacific.

Unfortunately, Ivy was missing half of his clam's shell, meaning there was no way to definitively discern where it might have come from. Without pinpointing its origin and type exactly, the expert couldn't give him a real price, but it could be worth a couple hundred bucks.

Ivy's wasn't even the bigggest example of these clams. Some can reach 500 lbs. or more, according to National Geographic. And the "killer" name isn't earned -- there have been no recorded human deaths by clam, though they can apparently shoot water from between their shells.

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