05/15/2013 07:35 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2013

What Gay Bars In Palm Springs Are Like | Los Angeles, I'm Yours

Kyle Fitzpatrick

Anyone who has ever visited Palm Springs is aware that there is a huge LGBT culture in the city. It's been estimated that the city is one third gay and that it has the "fifth largest percentage of same-sex households in the nation." It's a homosexual and queer sanctuary! We've never engaged with this culture when visiting and, as gay people, we were way overdue to peek into this world. What do gay bars in Palm Springs look like? What is the culture that is there? Outside of specialty weekends like the White Party and The Dinah, what is there to do for gay people? Let us explain via a gay bar tour.

We spent last Saturday night on an impromptu bar crawl that we jokingly tagged #PSRIPTOUR. We stopped at lots and lots of places and discovered everything from a little gay corridor on Arenas between Indian Canyon and Calle Encilia to a deliciously seedy leather bar. It is mostly geared toward the gay male but there were a few spots that catered to all. Let us break it all down by place, features, environment, specialty drink, and what it is most comparable to in Los Angeles. Feast, everyone! (Keep in mind some media is sNSFW so click lightly, y'all.)