05/16/2013 03:38 am ET

'Arrow' Finale: Merlyn Sets His Plan In Motion, As One Character Sacrifices Himself (VIDEO)

It had been building all season, and on the "Arrow" season finale, Oliver faced off against Malcolm Merlyn for the last time. While Felicity helped Detective Lance disable the device Merlyn intended to use to destroy The Glades neighborhood in Starling City, Oliver and Malcolm were fighting it out on a rooftop.

Unfortunately, while Oliver was able to dispatch Merlyn, and Det. Lance was able to disable the device, Merlyn had one final trick up his sleeve. He had a redundancy that he revealed just before he died. And with that, The bombs went off, triggering a seismic reaction that destroyed The Glades.

Laurel was there, but was saved by Tommy. Unfortunately, the building collapsed even further and Tommy was impaled. Oliver arrived just in time to tell Tommy that he'd successfully saved Laurel. And Tommy could apologize for not believing Oliver's warnings about his father.

“As heartbroken as I am that Tommy won't be around for Arrow season 2, his death was good for the story," Buddy TV said. "His death will be another reason for Oliver to fight to save the city. It could also compel Laurel into action.” Entertainment Weekly thought Tommy's demise was a real contender to take "Best Death" in its annual Season Finale Awards.

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