05/16/2013 02:38 pm ET

Garrett Anderson, High School Senior, Surprised At High School Graduation By Military Dad (VIDEO)

Garrett Anderson, a senior from Hillsboro, Missouri, had an extra special reason to celebrate at his graduation on Tuesday. According to Channel 5 News, since Garrett's dad, Staff Sgt. Steven Anderson, had been serving in Afghanistan for 10 months, the teen thought he'd be receiving his diploma without his dad present.

What he didn't know was that his dad secretly made it home in time for the Hillsboro High School graduation ceremony, and even dressed up in a gown and a wig so he wasn't recognizable. After being honored by Marine Corps members, Garrett was completely surprised when his principal announced Staff Sgt. Anderson's name as well.

Watch their adorable reunion in the video above.

"I love you buddy," Staff Sgt. Anderson said after the two were reunited in a big hug.

In another heartwarming military homecoming this month, 15-year-old Dejsha Tatum attended what she thought was a school assembly on the military. It turned out to be an opportunity for her mom, Maj. Laura Byrd, to surprise her after being away for months.

"I'm a single parent. I had no one to greet me at the airport," Maj. Byrd told Fox News. "But this is worth it all -- the surprise to her."

Back in March 2012, MSG Joseph Devine also showed up unexpectedly to his daughter's school after being away in Afghanistan for a year. As captain of the speech team, the senior in high school had just finished a 10-minute speech when her dad joined her on stage with a bouquet of flowers in front of a packed auditorium. Their reunion was captured on video that has over 1 million hits on YouTube.



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