05/16/2013 05:37 pm ET

10 Reasons Why Kanye West Is A 'Motherf***ing Celebrity', Contrary To His Latest Rant


Hate to break it to you Kanye, but your rant last night (May 15) did nothing to dissuade us of your celebrity status.

Taking the stage at Adult Swim's Upfront concert in New York ranting and rapping, "I ain't no motherf***ing celebrity," West was far from convincing.

Just to prove it, we've compiled the top 10 reasons why West actually does fit the celeb bill ... there's really just no mistaking it.

1. You are dating Kim Kardashian.

2. You are the soon-to-be-father of Kim Kardashian's unborn baby.

3. You get to rant about not being a "motherf***ing" celebrity and thousands of people see it live while millions more hear about it just seconds later.

4. Your reported $750,000 Lamborghini got caught in your girlfriend's electric gate.

5. You are the self-proclaimed "voice of this generation."

6. You were more than comfortable crashing the VMA stage in 2009 when Taylor Swift was accepting her award.

7. Obama called you a jackass ... that's kinda cool ... and makes you a total celebrity.

8. You posed as Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone.

9. Oh yeah, and you have over nine million Twitter followers. You're totally a nobody.

10. Oh wait ... you really do think you're Jesus: #iamgodsvessel.



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