05/16/2013 01:50 pm ET

Louie Gohmert Rails Against 'Tyrannical Government' At Tea Party Press Conference (VIDEO)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) took to the podium at a tea party press conference on Thursday in order to air his grievances with President Barack Obama's administration.

"This is a government run amok," Gohmert said, referring to a trio of scandals that have plagued the White House this week. "This is the way a tyrannical government comes into being and perpetuates itself," Gohmert added.

Gohmert also suggested that the press had been used in the administration's plan.

"When there is a tyrannical despot, the media will be one of the early victims," Gohmert said, addressing the Department of Justice's controversial seizure of Associated Press phone records. "You will be used as helpful savants for a while, and then when you are no longer needed, you'll be pressured and put out of business as well."

Gohmert has been vocal in his disapproval with the Obama administration. During a hearing on Wednesday, Gohmert got into a heated exchange with Attorney General Eric Holder while pressing him about the FBI's investigation into the Boston bombing.

Watch Gohmert's press conference remarks above.



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