05/16/2013 11:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Ramsey Burger, Named For Cleveland Kidnapping Hero, Added To Local Restaurant's Menu (VIDEO)

Charles Ramsey's life changed when he phoned 911 to report that kidnapping victim Amanda Berry was alive. His interview with local news outlets went viral and he's been hailed as a hero (though there has been some controversy surrounding the chain of events). During the now-famous interview, Ramsey mentions how he was eating McDonald's when he heard Berry from a neighbor's house.

In honor of Ramsey's affinity for burgers, Hodge's, a Cleveland restaurant, has created a Big Mac-like burger titled "The Ramsey Burger." On May 13, the restaurant tweeted:

The Big Mac-inspired patty features eight ounces of certified Angus beef and a secret sauce. It is served with a side of tater tots for $12.

The restaurant didn't just randomly come up with this creation, though -- Ramsey actually works as a dishwasher at Hodge's.

Take a look at the burger in the video below (Warning: the audio may not work for some).



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