05/16/2013 06:36 pm ET Updated May 17, 2013

Texas Tornado VIDEO Captures Car Surrounded By Twisters

These guys are lucky they didn't get hurt.

An amateur video, published Thursday by CBS News, features two young storm chasers and at least one of the multiple tornadoes that hit the area around Millsap, Texas, Wednesday night.

The duo, identified as Aaron Estman and Cody Howard, initially begin filming a tornado to the right of their car. As tornado sirens blare in the background, the driver notices a second funnel cloud, forming directly above the car. "It's right above us! Literally, look straight up!" the driver yells to the cameraman.

Fortunately, the funnel cloud above them dissipates, leaving them in (relative) safety.

An estimated 10 tornadoes touched down in northern Texas Wednesday night, taking the lives of at least 6 people and leaving hundreds homeless. According to NBC's Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate, one of the tornadoes is believed to have been a mile wide.

Roger Deeds, the Sheriff of Hood County, Texas, where much of the devastation occurred, described the aftermath of the tornadoes as "a nightmare" to NBC DFW.

WATCH the video, above.

Correction: An earlier version of this story mis-counted the number of tornadoes in the video. There is only one tornado on the ground, which appeared on both sides of the vehicle after the driver turned 180 degrees.



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