05/17/2013 09:34 am ET Updated May 20, 2013

800-Pound Alligator: Braxton Bielski Sets Texas Record With Gator Catch (PHOTOS)


How's this for a senior superlative?

Braxton Bielski, from the Houston area in Texas, will spend his final high school days basking in the glory of his record-setting, 14-foot-3-inch, 800-pound alligator.

The 18-year-old hooked what is now the heaviest gator ever bagged in Texas -- on a line with raw chicken as bait -- and then shot it.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) officials certified the teen as the official state record holder last week, according to Fox News.

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800-Pound Gator!

Bielski made the catch while hunting with his father, and a friend in the Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area, near a reservoir 90 miles south of San Antonio, the Houston Chronicle reported. The TPWD had granted them a permit to legally hunt gators.

The teen's beast beats out a catch from 2011, when a 19-year-old Florida student reeled in a 12-foot, 3-inch, 800-pound gator during a boating trip.

Of course, neither gator compares to the 2,370-pound, world record-breaking crocodile, Lolong, that was captured alive that same year by villagers in the Philippines. The 20-foot croc passed away in February 2013.