05/17/2013 05:41 pm ET

'Corgi Song' Is The New Anthem For All The Loveable Dogs Out There (VIDEO)

We all know how wonderful corgis are, whether they're wearing panda suits, pondering their political ambitions or hanging out with friends on the beach. And now all of those lovable pooches have their own anthem, the "Corgi Song."

The tune was written and sung by Shaun Cammack, who said in the video's description that he wrote it "after seeing just how darn happy corgis are." The chorus starts a little something like this:

I'm happy as a corgi in a sweater wearing booties

walking kindly through the leaves in the middle of the fall.

Really, if there had to be any sort of musical interpretation of the corgi, this would be it.

If you're looking for a companion of your own to write a ballad about, take a look at the ASPCA adoption site or Petfinder.com.

(h/t Crittr)



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