05/17/2013 10:58 am ET Updated May 17, 2013

Tombstones Used As Scarecrow For Vagrants In Texas Yard

Stay off my lawn or you'll end up beneath it! A Houston man uses headstones to deter vagrants and party animals from hanging out on his property.

KTRK located the morbid "tombs" -- which were installed about a year ago -- and found that not only were they fake, the headstones were for real people.

Some neighbors told reporters they thought the property was an old cemetery. Others, however, saw through the creepy ruse.

"I saw them putting a fence up, and about maybe two to three months later, the headstones are put up," Fernando Villa, who witnessed their installation, told ABC News. "I knew what it was. I didn’t see any burials or anything. There were no bodies there. But it’s to keep the vagrants out of here because they were always sleeping right there."

The headstones, inscribed with "Johnny Mack Chappell," "Sandra Ruth Howen, 1939-1986" and "Dee Brown Hancock, 1922-1973," were rejects from a local monument company. The owner of the property -- who identified as Albert Bel Fay Jr. -- said he had no idea that the tombstones were of real dead people.

But the gag seems to be working.

"Homeless people used to bring their backpacks and sleep here, and people used to eat here," a neighbor told the site. "They had houses and tins and things like that. And they wouldn't take the trash out."