05/17/2013 04:33 am ET Updated May 17, 2013

'Grey's Anatomy' Finale: It's A Matter Of Life And Death As Meredith Delivers (VIDEO)

With the power out and in the middle of a superstorm, of course that's when Meredith went into labor. This is the "Grey's Anatomy" season finale, after all. She also needed an emergency c-section. Luckily, despite a few nervous moments, the baby came out healthy.

Meredith, however, was not out of the woods. She started bleeding internally, meaning she had to undergo emergency surgery with Grey Sloan Memorial in disarray. Only Bailey was there to do it, and she stepped up to get the job done. It was such a big moment for Meredith, that she suggested to Derek that they name their son Bailey.

“I love it," Derek agreed.

The lights came back on and everything seemed like it was back to normal ... but Richard was in the flooded basement when the power returned, where he immediately got an electric shock. The final scene of the emotional "Grey's Anatomy" finale saw him lying unconscious on the floor.

It was an emotional roller coaster for TVLine, who went from "aww" to "holy crap!" Hollywod Life was left wondering if Richard was really dead. “We weren’t given official confirmation of his death during this episode, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t lose him forever. 'Grey’s' has a way of being tricky like that.”

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