05/17/2013 04:36 am ET Updated May 17, 2013

'Hannibal' Meets A Fellow Serial Killer, Is Starting To Consider Will A Friend (VIDEO)

Dr. Lecter opened up to his therapist about his relationship with Will on "Hannibal." He felt a kinship with the young man and was even considering taking their relationship to the next level ... friendship.

"He’s nothing like me. We see the world in different ways. Yet, he can assume my point of view," Hannibal told his therapist.

"You spend a lot of time building walls, Hannibal," his therapist responded. "It’s natural to see if someone is clever enough to climb over them.”

He met another like mind in a fellow serial killer, but the men were more interested in killing one another. In the end, Hannibal got the upper hand on his rival, but seemed genuinely concerned when he believed Will might have been killed by the man.

Screen Crush gives the show kudos for making Hannibal more than a one-dimensional killer. "The series has done a fine job in humanizing Hannibal, nearly costing him the fight tonight, while opening up the character to a genuine idea of friendship," Kevin Fitzpatrick wrote.

But it remains unclear how much longer Hannibal can cultivate his relationship with Will. NBC has yet to make a decision on the freshman thriller, despite already announcing their slate of programming for next fall. Deadline reports that if NBC does pass on the series, it might live on via cable or Amazon.

At least there are still five episodes to go in this season. "Hannibal" continues on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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