05/17/2013 02:28 pm ET Updated May 17, 2013

Inmate In Wisconsin Jail Knocks Out Guard With 1 Punch (VIDEO)

It was swift and brutal. An inmate at a Wisconsin jail knocked out a guard with one punch, newly released video shows.

Caught by surveillance cameras, the March 27 fight apparently erupts as three corrections officers gather lunch trays and another enters the room. The alleged puncher, identified by the Marathon County Sheriff's Department as Fredrick Morris, can be seen in the footage adopting a fighting stance and coldcocking Officer Julie Christensen with a right hand to the face. She falls hard to the floor while Morris tangles with another guard.

Christensen (also spelled Christiansen in court documents) was knocked unconscious by the hit from Morris and was taken to intensive care and remained hospitalized as of Thursday, Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) reported.

According to WPR, a deputy claimed that during the incident prisoners had shouted, "Hope she dies," as Christensen lay on the ground.

Morris was charged with several counts of battery, according to a criminal complaint. He was transferred to a facility in Lincoln County, Wisc., the Marathon County Courthouse told The Huffington Post on Friday.

After the attack, safety conditions at the Marathon County jail were evaluated by a civilian panel this week, CBS local affiliate WSAW reported.

"What I saw was a battlefield," panel chair Paul Jones said of the video footage, per WPR. Another panelist, Mike Beck, said the incident made him distrust the jail's administration.