05/17/2013 05:21 pm ET Updated May 18, 2013

New York Times: Our Website Was Attacked

The New York Times said Friday that its website was attacked earlier this week.

The newspaper made the revelation while reporting on the Syrian Electronic Army's attack on the Financial Times' website and Twitter accounts this morning. Later, describing hacking as an "increasingly pernicious problem" for news organizations, the article said that the Times website was also recently "subjected to denial of service attacks."

The attacks made the site "temporarily unavailable to a small number of users," according to the piece. The newspaper did not say where they came from or who made them.

Earlier this year, the Times said that it had been targeted by Chinese hackers for months. The paper ultimately turned to an outside security firm to block the attacks.

The Financial Times was hacked online on Friday, with the Syrian Electronic Army — which supports Syrian President Bashar al Assad — claiming responsibility. Headlines of stories on its site were changed to "Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army," and one tweet said, "Do you want to know the reality of the Syrian 'Rebels?'"

The group also claimed responsibility for recent attacks on The Onion's Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as Twitter accounts for the Associated Press and CBS News. Its attack on the AP resulted in a false tweet that claimed the White House had been attacked and that President Obama was injured. It immediately appeared dubious to some observers, but caused a flash crash on Wall Street before it was revealed to be false nonetheless.

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