05/17/2013 09:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nicki Minaj's 'Idol' Shoes Are A Furry Puzzlement (PHOTOS, POLL)

Nicki Minaj isn't known for having the tamest of style on "American Idol" -- she even sparks fervent Twitter debates for her racy on-air looks. Naturally, the singer brought her fiercest fashion game for the season finale last night.

The outfit, high-waisted white jeans and a leather jacket, seemed simple enough, but it was Nicki's shoes that really caught people's attention. The star wore furry high-heeled boots that practically looked alive. We're already anticipating a PETA backlash...

Sure, Nicki's worn stranger things before, but we have a feeling these babies won't exactly make any "best-dressed" lists. What do you think of her fluffy footwear?


nicki minaj idol shoes

nicki minaj idol shoes

nicki minaj idol shoes

Think Nicki's heels belong with these?

Wildest Shoes Of All Time

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