05/17/2013 03:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nigella Lawson's Age May Shock On Reddit But Not Here (PHOTO)

Dear Internet: When a woman turns 50, she doesn't trade in her good looks for a crone's costume.

One great example of this is chef Nigella Lawson. A photo of Lawson landed on the front page of Reddit today with this seemingly stunned caption: "This woman is 53 years old."

Though her shirt is most likely Photoshopped in this image ("English muffin"? Really?), the chef's attractiveness is definitely not. But while some may marvel at how a woman in her 50s could still be considered attractive, we here at Huff/Post50 know better. We're instead impressed with Lawson's healthy relationship with aging and body image, an achievement she gained after experiencing great loss, Lawson told Fox News in an interview earlier this year.

“My mother died of cancer when she was 48, my first husband died of cancer at 47, one of my sisters died of cancer at 32," she said. "They became emaciated, tortured and died young, so the idea that I would mind about getting older when I know what the alternative is or that I would equate thinness with health is just alien to me."

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