05/17/2013 12:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Queen Maxima Style: 6 Reasons Why We Want To Shop With The Dutch Royal (PHOTOS)

Queen Maxima made her very fashionable debut as the newly-crowned queen consort to King Willem-Alexander at the Dutch inauguration festivities last month. We'd always noticed her flamboyant outfits, but when she whipped out four stunning looks for that big day, we knew she was a venerable style icon in the making.

Maxima clearly has plenty of wisdom to impart, so we think she'd make the perfect shopping partner. While we have demure royals like Kate Middleton and Princess Charlene to guide us, isn't a mall buddy supposed to get you out of your shell and convince you to buy those shoes you know you don't need? Yah, that would totally be Maxima.

So in honor of the royal's 42nd birthday today (May 17th), here's exactly why we'd love to hit up the shops with Queen Maxima:

1. She can teach us when to splurge on statement accessories.

queen maxima style

2. She can show us how to shop our closets.

queen maxima style

3. She can cure us of our fear of hats.

queen maxima style

4. She can force us to try on those intimidating metallic numbers....

queen maxima style

5. ...and those sleeves that we think we can't pull off.

queen maxima style

6. Most importantly, she knows when it's time for a major style moment.

queen maxima style

Maxima's not the only stylish royal around...

Royals At Fashion Week!

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