05/17/2013 04:34 am ET Updated May 17, 2013

'Scandal' Finale: Olivia Confronts A Shocking Personal Connection As Her Affair Goes Public (VIDEO)

Defiance came to an end on the "Scandal" season finale, but just as things looked like they were settling into a groove, it all got turned upside down again. After finding out that Fitz had killed Verna, Olivia came to a conclusion: Too much had been sacrificed to put him in office. He should run again with Mellie at his side. He could come back from the brink, but she worried it was too late for her and her team.

But then, in the closing moments of the episode, Olivia became the scandal. Heading out for a relaxing jog, Olivia was accosted at the doors of her building by a mob of media folks. They were bombarding her with questions about being the president's mistress.

Suddenly, she was pulled through the fray by two men and put into a limo. There, she confronted Rowan ... and recognized him.

“Dad?” she marveled.

TVLine said that no one could have predicted that closing twist, but Entertainment Weekly gave a shout-out to those who did. “Some of you called this the moment we met Rowan," they wrote. "Before we knew that he was buddies with Cyrus, before we even knew that he had a particular interest in Olivia. And you, smart people, were right. You’re all celebrating right now, I hope.”

The can celebrate until the new season premieres in the fall. E! Online says it's going to be a long summer waiting to see what happens next.

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