05/17/2013 11:27 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Scott Thompson, 'Kids In The Hall' Star, On Today's Gay Community, Marriage Equality

New York Magazine's pop-culture site Vulture interviewed "Kids in the Hall" alum Scott Thompson for his role on the new NBC series, "Hannibal." The conversation quickly turned to Thompson's involvement with the now legendary comedy group, and being one of the first out gay people on television.

"Growing up, you were really the only gay man I saw on TV," said Vulture's William Van Meter. "Now that's not the case. It seems like there is nothing to rebel against anymore. The seediness and subculture element of being gay is receding."

Thompson responded, "This whole marriage thing, I mean I understand it and I’m for it, but my heart isn’t in it. For my generation, it was just staying alive. Gay marriage never crossed my mind! Lesbians hoisted it upon us."

He went on to note, "I don’t know how a young gay guy can rebel any longer. When I was young, homosexuals were interesting and flawed. Now all the regular folks are gay and we don’t seem as interesting any longer."

Thompson is known not just for "Kids in the Hall," but also as the recurring gay character, Grady, on "The Simpsons," and other roles in television since "Kids" ended its run in the mid '90s. In the Vulture interview, Thompson also discusses how he was passed up for "To Wong Foo," and the role Greg Kinnear eventually was nominated an Oscar for in "As Good As It Gets."

Although Thompson's latest show "Hannibal" has been an NBC ratings success, it still awaits news of renewal or cancellation.

Watch the video above to see Thompson as Buddy Cole, the gay bar owner from "Kids in the Hall."



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