05/20/2013 02:47 pm ET Updated Jul 20, 2013

After Two Years of Problems, Is It Time for GoogaMooga to Give Up?

Carey Polis

Despite promises that several improvements had been made to avoid the debacle of its inaugural run in 2012, yesterday's second annual Great GoogaMooga festival in Prospect Park came to an abrupt and soggy end when it was announced the entire day's programming had been canceled out of general safety concerns and the threat of potential damage to Prospect Park. You can't fault promoter Superfly for the weather, but news of the cancellation was made public only after hundreds of festivalgoers had turned out and were waiting to get in. Meanwhile, the majority of the hundred-odd vendors were suddenly left with the logistical issue of how to dispense with several thousand portions of everything from precooked lamb ribs to whiskey bread to egg and kale sandwiches. While event co-founder Jonathan Mayers admirably and quickly announced that organizers plan to "find financial solutions" to mitigate those food and labor costs, the general consensus on this puddle-filled Monday morning is that maybe it's time for GoogaMooga the great and powerful to pack it in once and for all. Here's why.

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