05/20/2013 04:42 am ET

'Army Wives': Joan Forced To Choose Between Her Career And Her Marriage (VIDEO)

Roland gave Joan an unexpected ultimatum on "Army Wives," forcing her to choose between her career or their marriage. This week, with a big promotion on the line, she made her decision.

“Roland has been there, every step of the way. Making sacrifices for my career. Now it’s time for me to support him, and his dreams. I want to do this, sir," she said. "For my marriage.”

That's right. Joan chose to retire rather than accept the big opportunity that had been offered to her. TV Fanatic called her decision heartbreaking. "It would appear we're in for another goodbye," they wrote. "I can only hope that Roland comes back for an episode and the Burtons get a fitting sendoff.

The site went on to praise the long-running show, though, for how well it's handed cast turnover. "It's kind of hard to believe the original cast had dwindled down to Denise, Frank and Michael," they said. "But I also give kudos to the show for doing that ... Here's to an even longer ride with an ever changing cast.”

You never know what to expect on "Army Wives," Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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