05/20/2013 01:56 pm ET Updated May 20, 2013

Chelsea Player Ross Turnbull's Son Scores Cutest Goal Ever (VIDEO)

Sunday marked the end of the English Premier League season, but instead of keeping eyes glued to the farewell speeches, the crowd was distracted (and thrilled) by Chelsea backup goalkeeper Ross Turnbull's son, who had his sights set on the goal.

As family and friends joined together on the field to listen to the goodbye speech from retiring player Paulo Ferreira, little Josh Turnbull was kicking a ball toward the goalpost, Deadspin notes. Though the adorable tot stumbled once along the way, the crowd didn't mind the slip-up and went wild as Josh neared the net.

Amid wild screams, Josh managed to score a goal. He threw up his hands in a sign of victory, prompting the crowd to chant, "Sign him up! Sign him up!"

Josh's goal wasn't the only celebratory one on Sunday. Chelsea finished in third place in the Barclays Premier League, following a 2-1 victory over Everton on Sunday, according to the London Evening Standard. Fernando Torres scored the second goal to secure the win.

Another Chelsea player's young son has stolen the show with an applause-worthy goal in the past. Back in 2011, defender Branislav Ivanovic's son tore down the field and scored while his dad watched.