05/20/2013 12:00 pm ET Updated May 20, 2013

Detroit Photos Of The Week 5/13 - 5/19: Doing The Jit, Street On Fire And Eastern Market In Bloom


It was a week of waiting and wondering what comes next for Detroit. While Mayor Dave Bing revealed he wouldn't seek another term, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr reiterated just how much trouble the city is in financially.

The city welcomed in new police chief, native Detroit James Craig, but its crime didn't cease -- in just one day, 13 individuals were shot in Detroit in eight separate incidents, leaving one woman dead.

Below, you'll find a photo of Bing and Orr that hints at tension, or at least awkwardness, among city officials. A video captures a dangerous fire threatening to spread to an entire street of homes. Guns don't hold a candle to groceries as Detroiters cash in their weapons for a few meals.

It also was a week of honoring tragedies past and present -- Northwest Flight 255, which crashed outside Detroit Metropolitan Airport in 1987, and the funeral of Westland firefighter Brian Woehlke.

Nevertheless, it was still a week of promise, vibrancy and good cheer in the city, as evidenced by jaw-dropping dance performances, Eastern Market's Flower Day in full bloom, and perhaps most promising, the Heidelberg Project's determined efforts to rise from the ashes after losing a house to arson earlier this month. Tyree Guyton's nonprofit pledges to rebuild bigger and better -- here's hoping the Motor City can follow suit.

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