05/21/2013 04:22 pm ET Updated May 22, 2013

Ed Sheeran Plays HuffPost Teen's 'Finish The Sentence' Challenge And Premieres New 'Lego House' Live Video (WATCH)

Though Ed Sheeran has been tight-lipped when it comes to details about his new album, he was surprisingly revealing -- and hilarious -- when it came to just about everything else when we caught up with him in New York City. (He also filmed a new live video for "Lego House" at the event, shot entirely on a Nokia Lumia phone, which you can watch above.)

Check out the singer-songwriter's answers to our "finish the sentence" challenge and learn a few things about him you probably didn't know, from his favorite T-Swift track to the weirdest place he's ever written a song!

My most-listened to song on my phone or iPod right now is... probably Drake. That “Started from the Bottom” song. I don’t know why I’ve listened to it so many times but I’ve really, really listened to it a lot.

The most recent concert I went to that I wasn’t performing in was... Justin Timberlake.

My favorite T-Swift song from the tour is... I can’t remember the name of it but I got quite emotional listening to it. It’s a song she wrote about her mom for Christmas. I’m big into family and it just reminded me of my family. [Editor's note: The song is called "The Best Day."]

The coolest thing about being a teen is... underage drinking.

The weirdest place I’ve ever written a song is... probably the toilet. I remember I was at a venue backstage. It was quite a small venue, and there was nowhere for me to go, so I locked myself in the toilet and wrote a song.

The most recent place I've written a song is... in my house.

The last time I got a good night’s sleep was... I don’t know. I never have good night’s sleep because even when I’m allowed to have good night’s sleep... like yesterday, I got back to the hotel at 10 p.m. and they said, "You’re not needed until 2 p.m. tomorrow." Instead of being like, "Great! I get to sleep and have a lie-in!" I stayed up and watched “Malcom in the Middle.” Obviously.

The nicest thing anyone’s ever written me was... there’s a music blog called Bob Lefsetz and he’s very well-respected in the music industry. It’s kind of like a subscription mailout, and he can be very, very harsh. I happen to have not the best musical press in England, so I was very worried about coming up to America and how I would be perceived by [the music industry] here. He came to my L.A. show, and I got a very glowing review -- that was what started it off in America [for me]. People paid attention because he’s usually not complimentary of artists.

My next tattoo will be of a... I’m not sure yet.

My biggest texting pet peeve is... I can’t multi-task that well. I can text and talk like this, but when I’m into it, when you say something, I can’t hear. It's hard, it takes a lot of concentration.

Right now, Harry Styles is probably... knee deep. *laughs* Sorry.

If I could go back to my teen-self at the first show I performed in, I would tell him... um, I think like five people came to it, so to try and understand those five people.

Right after this interview I will... reply to a text message that keeps buzzing in my pocket.



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