05/20/2013 11:16 am ET Updated Jan 27, 2015

Erin Rioux, Electronic Music Artist, Premieres 'Explorations In Electronic Psychedelia' Documentary

Erin Rioux, a Brooklyn-based electronic artist, bridges pastiche with panty-dropping beats.

The 22-year-old’s music has been bubbling beneath New York’s electronic music scene for over four years, but with his recent music video, Rioux is about to burst from the underground.

With a keen eye for curating and an experimental bent, the artist is growing a cult following with his monthly parties, called CONNECT: Explorations In Electronic Psychedelia. The multimedia events, which are a fusion of live DJ sets, installation pieces, projections, and acoustic sculptures, make for a transforming multi-sensory nightlife experience.

The Detroit native’s sonic roller coaster is encapsulated in his debut short music documentary ‘Connect’, filmed by Leslie Kwon and Alexandra Velasco, premiering on Huffington Post today. The 10-minute peek into the life of the man behind the creations depicts Rioux’s passion for his craft.

“I enjoy contributing as an artist and a producer but I want to help solidify [the scene] too, by putting forward something that’s much bigger than myself,” Rioux tells me as we sit near the Gowanus Canal during a pop-up Brooklyn outdoor music festival.

The setting is reminiscent of the cultural environment he cultivates, considering the number of worlds it bridges. The crowd is a fusion of retired hippies, die-hard electronic music fans and hip 20-somethings looking to get their groove on near an industrially polluted river...with sangria in hand.

For Rioux, who studied recorded music production at NYU’s Clive Davis school of recorded music, failure was never an option, citing his unforgiving work ethic as the key to his success.

"Once I decided to do music, I knew I would have to survive from it and that I would find a way," Rioux said.

Take a look at the documentary above and the slideshow below to meet the man behind the music.