05/20/2013 01:41 pm ET

Golfer Nicolas Colsaerts Takes Drop In Bathroom During World Match Play Championship (VIDEO)

The Volvo World Match Play Championship in Bulgaria just became one of golf's majors for potty jokes.

Belgian golfer Nicolas Colsaerts hit into a hazard on Saturday and had to take a drop from "the nearest point of relief" -- golf terminology that's now catnip for the scatological.

An official ruled that an outhouse, which blocked the shot, was the nearest point of relief.

Watch the Golf Channel sequence, above, to see how Colsaerts playfully enters the bathroom and works the angles with official Mark Litton to make the drop. (The player actually drops the ball a few times inside before taking his drop outside.)

Colsaerts was a good sport, but perhaps he should have been penalized further: It looks like he never washed his hands.

The announcers had their fun, too.

“This is an absolute first on the European Tour, taking a drop in the gents,” one said.

"I think Nicolas is looking a bit flushed about this, to be honest," another added.

The jokes on YouTube were on par with that.

If the outhouse were a moveable object, Colsaerts might actually have had to take his shot from where the loo was stationed, the New York Daily News wrote. The tabloid also noted that drops can be serious business. (Remember Tiger Woods' controversy at the Masters?)

Incidentally, Colsaerts salvaged par on that 10th hole but eventually lost to Graeme McDowell in quarterfinal play, 2-and-1.

(h/t MSN)