05/20/2013 02:50 pm ET

Miami Herald Staffers React To Move To Doral On Twitter (PHOTOS)

The Miami Herald has a new home -- and let's just say staff don't seem overly thrilled despite a yoga room and shiny employee showers.

The city's namesake daily moved last week from its iconic downtown digs on Biscayne Bay to a sprawling former military command center in Doral, a western Miami-Dade suburb most famous for its large Venezuelan population, golf resort, and proximity to the airport.

There's also a Dunkin Donuts that contains a currency exchange, according to Herald business writer Hannah Sampson, so it's still pretty Miami. But unfortunately, that means no more newsroom with a view just blocks from courthouses, police headquarters, and city and government offices -- and certainly no salutes from frolicking dolphins.

Following a series of goodbye cocktail hours and last-time-evers, Herald staffers packed up the Pulitzers and hit the highway, where according to Twitter at least one discovered that commuting stinks and another's soul was crushed. His soul! It's really pretty grim out there for our newsy brethren.

We hear a chunk of Herald writers plan on working from home, rather than making the drive, but a few brave journalists have documented their journey. Check out how staffers, friends, and onlookers have recorded the paper's first days away from One Herald Plaza, which is soon to become a resort hotel.

Twitter Reacts To Miami Herald Move